Interference Immunity

Implement EMC Practical
Testing with the EMI-Lab
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Improve Immunity to Interference by Installing Shielding or Suitable Filters

Implement EMC Practical Testing with the EMI-Lab and Save Having to Go to an EMC Testing Facility

Product developers must design products that are EMC-compliant. However, ever increasing clock frequencies in digital circuits and the widening distribution of products featuring wireless connection pose a significant challenge for product developers and are setting the bar high for interference immunity. Although developers generally have a great deal of experience and rely routinely on established industry best practices, experts estimate that over half of all products fail their first tests for emitted interference or interference immunity. Now, with the EMI-Lab, developers are able to avoid the often complicated and expensive visit to an EMC testing facility by performing EMC pre-compliance testing in their own dedicated laboratory.

Test the interference immunity of your products right from the outset instead of having to implement costly improvements later on. Easily test components and assemblies with the EMI-Lab. If you have any questions, call us on +49 8234 966 38 41 or send us an email at

Testing Interference Immunity with the EMI-Lab

Ideally, your devices will never unintentionally influence one another by means of electrical or electromagnetic interference. This means there would be no emitted interference and that the devices themselves would already have sufficient interference immunity. The interference immunity of a device can be evaluated into a number of different categories. Criteria include the severity and duration of a malfunction, as well as the likelihood that electromagnetic compatibility would be affected. Analysis of these factors offers developers the opportunity to deal with the interference immunity of a device early on in the development process. This way, the potential for optimization can be identified and exploited at the development stage, allowing manufacturers to make compliant products ready for market launch more quickly and with less hassle. Previously, most EMC and interference-immunity testing was performed only once the product was finished. And if the device does not pass the tests, often costly measures have to be taken to make the products immune to interference, causing potential delays to project planning and market launch.

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