EMC Risk Analysis

Evaluate Risk and Eliminate Potential Issues with the
EMI-Lab by gKteso

Preparing for EMC Risk Analysis with a Pre-compliance Test in a Dedicated Laboratory alongside Development

Take Precautions at Product Development Stage – Evaluate Risk and Eliminate Potential Issues

The EMI-Lab allows you to conduct pre-compliance tests in a dedicated laboratory, so you don’t have to go to an EMC testing facility – an often expensive and time-consuming process where quick modifications cannot be made to the test object in situ. However, with the dedicated laboratory of the EMI-Lab, you have the opportunity to prepare for the EMC risk analysis while evaluating potential risks more effectively. It also allows you to make quicker changes in the lab and then analyze those modifications straight away. With the EMI-Lab, you can identify risks during the product development process on an ongoing basis and thus eliminate costly mistakes. The EU’s ‘EMC Directive’ 2014/30/EU specifies which products need to undergo the EMC risk analysis for the European Single Market.

Give us a call on +49 8234 966 38 41 or send us an email at info@gkteso.com. We would be happy to advise you on how you can use the EMI-Lab to prepare for EMC risk analysis and thus eliminate issues early on.

All Configurations Must Satisfy the EMC Risk Analysis

The EMI-Lab allows you to test all possible variants and configurations in advance within a dedicated system and thus to introduce improvements to eliminate faults or potential sources of interference. Indeed, manufacturers need to test their products in all available configurations in order to meet the requirements of the EMC risk analysis. Each device must be investigated to ascertain whether it may cause or be exposed to interference. Testing must target not only standard scenarios, but also device boundary cases depending on specific lifecycle stages, operating modes, and configurations.

So take advantage of your head start in development by investing in an EMI-Lab, allowing you to get preliminary testing for the EMC risk analysis out of the way during product development stage. Call us now on +49 8234 966 38 41 or send an email to info@gkteso.com and find out more about what EMI-Lab can offer.

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