EMC Testing

Save Money and Time
with Your Own
Pre-Compliance Tests
by gKteso

Save Money and Time with Your Own Pre-Compliance Tests by gKteso

EMC Testing in a Dedicated Lab Instead of Going to a Testing Facility

With EMI-Lab, You Can Save Money and Time Now with Your Own Pre-Compliance Tests

The usage and functional scope of electronic systems and controls are undergoing constant growth and are getting ever more complex. That means that the reliability and compatibility of systems must be continuously optimized and modified to meet the needs of new industry standards. Moreover, increasingly widespread use of digital data services such as WiFi networks and hotspots makes EMC testing all the more necessary as it means that electromagnetic compatibility is constantly facing new challenges. EMC testing in a dedicated EMI mini-lab is the ideal solution for identifying vulnerabilities early on during product development and then evaluating and ultimately averting potential risks. EMC testing should be performed assuming intended usage conditions as well as potentially extreme boundary conditions in order to ascertain the limits of the product with regard to electromagnetic compatibility.

You can use the EMI-Lab for EMC testing of your products as preparation for tests in an accredited laboratory, thus saving you valuable development time and labor costs. So call us on +49 8234 966 38 41 or send us an email at an info@gkteso.com to find out more.

EMC Testing Guides the Way to EMC-compliant Design

Each device is different, and so too are the combinations of measures that make a product electromagnetically compatible. During the product design process, there are countless ways of minimizing EMC risks and ultimately passing the EMC tests. In addition to the established engineering practices, a lot of expertise is required for EMC-compliant design so that the risks can be mitigated or eliminated in advance. EMC testing using a mobile EMI-Lab gives all staff working in product development ongoing reassurance that the design is EMC-compliant and it helps ensure that the product is designed based on an EMC-compliant approach without wasting time or incurring unnecessary costs.

Use a reliable EMC testing methodology to test components and systems for electromagnetic compatibility and create compliance-ready products without additional expense. Call us now on +49 8234 966 38 41 or send us an email at info@gkteso.com and find out what benefits the EMI-Lab could have in store for your business.

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