Emitted Interference

Investigating Emitted Interference across an Entire Frequency Spectrum

Investigating Emitted Interference across an Entire Frequency Spectrum

Test Components, Assemblies, and Devices Easily and at Your Own Facilities with the EMI-Lab

For the EMC pre-compliance testing, the interference emitted by devices and electrical systems is categorized into two types: radiated and conducted emissions. The potential for interference is caused by internal components, assemblies, or modules. Most of the time, interference depends on specific technical implementation, such as the layout of circuit boards, cabling, the arrangement of elements within a device, or even a material used for the enclosure that may cause electrostatic charges. Emitted interference can be categorized into different frequency ranges based on its intensity. The EMI-Lab can be used to test and analyze these frequency bands.

It’s a good idea to keep the interference of your products under wraps and reduce the potential for interference by introducing specific optimizations. The EMI-Lab can help you analyze and track down sources of interference. Get in touch with us at +49 8234 966 38 41 or send us an email at info@gkteso.com and keep the interference of your products to a minimum.

An Indispensable Tool: The Spectrum Analyzer

The spectrum analyzer is a key part of your EMC pre-compliance toolkit for measuring emitted interference in a dedicated laboratory. With this tool, you can measure interference within a frequency range and display it on a screen. The image that this produces is known as the frequency spectrum. The relevant frequency range for emitted interference may also become important at high frequencies in the future, since operational resources and technical applications will develop over time. Interference testing allows manufacturers to eliminate issues from and optimize components and assemblies that carry a high level of risk of emitted interference even at the early stages of product development.

Keep the interference from your products to a minimum and ensure sustainable product improvements by testing with the EMI-Lab. Give us a call at +49 8234 966 38 41 or send an email to info@gkteso.com. We would be happy to discuss the options for your business.

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